How It Started

And the torn was sewn to relive a life. A life not of its own but rejoined among the living, bound to traverse through time. And that’s how it started, picking the important elements, putting them in order to make sense of all that can be. The urge to explore more, understand more than the eyes can see.

Life leaves marks on you, some apparent while the others not as much. In time, those marks show what rusted the very beings and what glorified their endeavors. In the midst of all these struggles, skin is what embodies and carries life within itself. And here lies the core philosophy of Jild. To cherish the essence of life beyond the point of existence, the story and the journey lives on taking new forms and finding new places. In time associating all that was, to all that will be. Shifting from norms to forms of culture that embellish and restore the memories.

And this norm of expression takes the form of leather that withstands the test of time and becomes a companion you can trust. We remodeled and redesigned the ancillaries of travelling, for a better fit with the personality of the traveler. And it just grew on us with time that every design we make should be built for durability and travel.

Jild spurred into existence around 30 years ago and slowly evolved with time. Every decade we explored more and experimented with the medium of leather, testing and fusing themes and making products that transcend mere utility.

Our team excels in craftsmanship and product development. Their passion is what drives results that makes a statement in its own demeanor.

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