Leather Selection

At Jild, our core promise is to provide something new and fresh and keep on innovating products for our customer. So, we planned to never run out of new colors and shades in leather (since there were so many).

This was indeed a challenge at first, considering we had to make sure of our quality policies to be fulfilled before we finalized any shades to be a part of our Jild Experience. We set out to find the best manufacturers that would provide the flexibility to manage a large number of colors and still maintain the quality and patina of waxed leather.

Here are a few standards that we have at Jild when it comes to leather Selection

- Vintage and Rusted Shades of Leather

Our priority is to select leather that ages and wears out with time. That forms a natural patina and shows the scars and changes its tone with wear and tear.

- Top Grain and Full Grain

We make sure that the leather is either top grain (meaning that all the scars and blemishes are removed from the skin to have a pristine and sleek look) or Full Grain (meaning the finest skins are selected with natural pores of the skin still visible giving it texture). These two types have the most natural appeal and roughen up with use in time.

- Thicker than Normal

We use skins of leather that are heavier by a ratio of at least 40%. Giving it weight and volume to bear the wear and tear.

- Colors and Shades

Our priority mostly is to have Brown and Tan shades in varying degrees of brightness or darkness. We do like to experiment with Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Camel shades often.

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